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Today’s Featured Corvettes for Sale takes us to the land down under to bring you a very special Corvette and then we delve into eBay where a couple more unique cars are available. 1991 Twin Turbo Callaway Corvette
1991 Twin Turbo Callaway CorvetteThe question begs to be asked. How does a 1991 Twin Turbo Callaway Corvette end up to be for sale in Australia? Perhaps we’ll never know, but the current owner liked the car so much that he built a house around it. 1991 was the last year the Callaway B2K option was offered, and only 62 Corvettes were retrofitted with upgrade, which by the way, added $33,000 to the purchase price. The Twin Turbo B2K Corvette is being offered by Shannon’s of Melbourne, Australia and is priced around $180,000 AD which converts to nearly $160,000 USD. 2000 Callaway C12
2000 Callaway C12And speaking of Callaway, how about the Callaway C12 that is currently available in eBay. The Corvette-based Callaway C12 is Number 17 of 19 produced in 2000. Featuring a 6.2 liter 480 hp Supernatural engine, and unique styling both inside and out, the Callaway C12’s original MSRP was $222,170, but this preowned model with just 1,849 miles is available for $149,000. Oh, and for that price, the matching Schedoni fitted luggage is included. Offered by RUF Auto Centre in Dallas, Texas. 1969 L89 Corvette Project Car
1969 Corvette Convertible with an L89While it seems that we’ve focused on the 1969 Corvette this week, we came across this project Corvette quite by accident. Also being offered on eBay, but only until the auction ends later tonight, is this big block billed as a real deal 1969 L89 Corvette. Only 390 Corvettes were offered with this option back in ’69, which is essentially an L71 427 ci 435 hp engine with aluminum cylinder heads. Pictures of the casting numbers on the engines appear to be correct but an on-premises inspection should be conducted on any Corvette before taking possession. The engine is out of the car and has been rebuilt, but the body still needs attention. Current bid is $17,101 and has yet to break the reserve. 2000 Corvette Coupe – SEMA Show Car
2000 Corvette Coupe featured at 2005,2006 SEMA ShowThis 2000 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe is a two-time SEMA Car, having appeared at the Sin City show in both 2005 and 2006, which more than explains the bling. The coupe features a Wide Body kit, vented hood, C6 headlights, racing spoiler, custom paint and more. The Corvette has served as a company show car for ARK Exhaust and so it also features an ARK stainless exhaust system with an X flow pipe. As an added benefit the vinyl graphics on the car can be removed. The Corvette has 61K miles and has a current bid of $25,000 with no reserve. And lest there be any doubters of this Corvettes SEMA pedigree, click the photo for a close-up of the hood ornaments. Do you have a Corvette for sale that you think would be worthy of being featured? Drop me an email and let me know where we can find out more about it. And stay tuned for next week’s Friday’s Featured Corvettes.
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