Things We’d Like to See: An Automatic Z06 Corvette


I nearly fell over when visiting this morning as one of his headlines reads “SOOOOO, Are they making an AUTO Z?!”. I said to myself “finally!” and clicked the link. Unfortunately, the General still says no, despite Rick’s photographic evidence to the contrary. Circumstances appear to make this Corvette one of a kind, which could be very fortunate for the new owner.

They tried to make this a Z06 Automatic They tried to make this a Z06 Automatic
Rick Conti was delivering a 2006 LeMans Blue Z06 Corvette to his customer Joe from North Carolina. He looks inside the cockpit and noticed the paddle shift buttons on the wheel, yet the 6-speed manual transmission is in the car. Rick mentions that his customer has taken the fluke in stride and promises the photos will be seen within GM from Detroit to Bowling Green. Our opinion is that someday this Corvette could be worth more than others from the same year because of the factory install error, especially if the error can be documented. Who knows what kind of price it might bring at the 2047 Barrett-Jackson Classic Car auction. We agree with Rick though. If GM were to offer an automatic in the Z06, they’d sell a bunch of them.
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  1. Thanks for the coverage Keith. I’m sure this has gotten a lot of heads to turn. I know I have gotten a few emails from GM guys today, just not the ones I’m wanting to hear from.

    FYI- SHE IS A 2007
    and all paddles, stick and customer are doing well, although he does want proper steering wheel installed.

    ahhhh…booo, leave it I say. But I understand

  2. Rick:

    Seriously, I about fell over when I read your headline. If the factory is going to make an assembly error, I am glad that it’s only an incorrect steering wheel. They will get it straightened out though. Keep up the great work.


  3. thanks Keith,
    I was so busy in preparing for a carzy weekend, even I missed it and I’m the dumbass that drove it to the gas station (LOL) when I was doing delivery, showing options and we get the steering wheel controls , I too just started laughing so did the customer. Then of course it pops in his mind " god I hope something else was not installed wrong on my car…"

    I’m sure everything is A OK.
    Every car has a story, his has begun!

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