Corvette Wins AutoWeek Readers Choice Award


2007 Z06 CorvetteIt seems fitting to post this story on the day America goes to the polls. Claiming to have one of most knowledgeable subscriber bases in the crowded automotive magazine category, and backing up that claim with a study by J.D.Power and Associates, AutoWeek Magazine’s readers know their cars and trucks. Since the average AutoWeek subscriber owns 6.6 cars, you know they’ve got a lot to say on the subject of ranking their favorite cars, trucks and SUV’s. So AutoWeek asked their subscribers as well as those that visited for their favorites. After 6 weeks of voting, the results have been tallied and no recount is expected nor needed. The people have spoken: The Best Sports Car – Chevrolet Corvette:

There is nothing more evocative of enthusiast lust than a sports car. It is central to our existence. Without it, there is no mantra, no focus. A sports car represents liberation but also membership in a fraternity of passion. A sports car is life, and for the majority of us, life begins with the Chevrolet Corvette.
Other cars and trucks winning their categories are: Best Exotic — Bugatti Veyron
Best Luxury Car — Audi A8L
Best Coupe/Convertible — BMW 6 Series
Best Sedan — BMW 3 Series
Best People Mover/SUV — Honda Odyssey
Best Truck — Ford F-Series
Best Economy Car — Audi A3
Best First New Car — Honda Civic Source:
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