Stolen Corvette Leads Cops to Auto-Theft Ring


A stolen Corvette equipped with a LoJack vehicle tracking device led investigators to crack a major auto-theft ring based in northern Illinois that specialized in the theft of high end muscle cars. Illinois State Police picked up the LoJack signal in March and tracked it to a house in Grand Detour, Illinois. When police converged on the house, they found not only the Corvette they were looking for, but a second stolen Corvette, a Honda motorcycle and other stolen vehicle parts. A suspect was arrested and the investigation that followed led police to other stolen cars including Z06 Corvettes, Ford Cobra’s, Dodge Vipers and Ford F-250 Diesels. Police tracked down another suspect and found a stolen Ford Mustang Cobra, along with 23 pounds of marijuana, 20 guns, cash and $30,000 in chop shop tools. The Mustang was one of three Cobra’s stolen from the same dealership in one night. Additional searches led to the recovery of a computer that was used to program Ford transponder keys that had been stolen from a dealership. Read the entire account of this story.
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