Wallace: Blue Devil Corvette Will Be Built


AutoWeek is reporting that Corvette’s Chief Engineer Tom Wallace has confirmed that GM will be building the “Blue Devil” Corvette, a high-end variant of the Z06 which will reportedly have around 600 horsepower. Wallace tells AutoWeek the biggest challenge facing the so-called Blue Devil Corvette is figuring out how to get 600 hp to the ground in such a way that it can be handled by a driver with the money to buy the car. Wallace said GM is considering requiring that Blue Devil—and even Z06—buyers attend a driver school as part of the price of admission. Source: AutoWeek
Photo: AmericanCarFans.com
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  1. I hope it does get built. It will be a nice Halo car for the brand. The Z06 is allready a great bang for the buck and this car will be an even bigger bang.

    The driving school is also a great idea. I hate seeing guys with their brand new Vette’s at track events driving them like their on their way to the grocery store.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Corvette has a history of offering cars with multiple engine options and based on the demand for the new Z06, the blue devil should fit right in to the product lineup nicely.


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