AAA Names Z06 Corvette the Cool Car of the Year


AAA picks its top cars for 2006 and names the Z06 Corvette the “Cool Car of the Year”. Digging deep into the AAA website, a very favorable review of the Z06 is available. Interestingly, the items we usually see downgraded in other Corvette reviews were favorable, including the interior refinements. Funny quotes do abound though with my favorite being, “Driven easily, the Corvette’s fuel economy can be surprisingly good. However when the engine’s power is frequently tapped, fuel economy can be quite poor. ” That is good to know. Next time I’m behind the wheel of a 505hp monster, I’ll try to remember that. And finally, let’s make sure the disclaimer is present: “Due to the abundant (some would say excessive) power, the ZO6 should be considered by skilled drivers only.” Enough said… Click here to read the AAA Top Cars List
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  1. The new Corvette ZO6 is an engineering tour de force, it takes the best of the old way of doing things, which was to make as much power as you can, and combines it with modern technology, to create one of the most exciting corvettes ever built.

    I’m still more of a fan of the 1960’s corvettes, but this is the best thing to happen sinse then for the corvette, the corvette is a very special car, it’s still the only car built in the USA that’s considered a sports and a muscle car at the same time.

    Like the 1960’s corvette, this car still beats down all the so called better designed car that are built in europ, and that is a proven fact, rather you like it or not.

    It hammered cars like porsche and and ferarri at the 24 hour Lemans race last year, and when the commentators at the race asked the other drivers what the biggest threat to them winning was, they were told the corvette, I watched the race, and I know that the corvette after a long hard day at at the race track filled with mechanical problems and wrecks, the corvette still finished in 1ST and 2ND places respectivly.

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