Corvette Comparisons That Don’t Add Up


Corvette comparisons crack me up. Every performance car from some other manufacturer is their answer to the Corvette. And while some do compare to some degree (Ford GT and Dodge Viper), other comparisons fall flat. Today I came across an article from the the Midland Daily News about some guy building a museum for the Pontiac Fiero. Guy loves Fiero’s…good for him, good for others that love Fieros. Right after the introduction of the article though is the money quote:

For Evans, the Fiero is just about the perfect car. It’s sporty, speedy and made of plastic panels over a sturdy frame so parts can be changed easily. Manufactured from 1984-88, the Fiero was to be Pontiac’s answer to the Corvette, but for less money and with less power. The plastic is more forgiving than the Corvette’s fiberglass, so it doesn’t shatter when it gets bumped.
So the Fiero was Pontiac’s answer to the Corvette, but for less money and with less power. My feeling is that because of the inferior power, it doesn’t compare to a Corvette. It’s like saying Meatloaf is like Steak, but for less money and with less taste. Just not quite the same… Anybody else got some good automotive Corvette comparisons? Perhaps we can get enough together for a top 10 list.


  1. Oh my god! That is classic. Meatloaf is like steak except for money and taste!! ha ha.

    I never liked those mid engine meatloafs.

  2. In all actuality the Fiero was tested with the corvette engine and was supposed to come optional with it – but when testing was done G.M. found that the Fiero was faster and more agile than the corvette. Not wanting their "American Icon" to go by the wayside they opted not to put the V8 in the Fiero.

    Now they have to watch out for vehicles like the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 that has beat both the Corvette and the Porsche in slalom racing events.

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