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Senior Editor and founder of "Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle". I drive my dad's 1966 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible and call the Corvette Museum home.

Corvette Rated a Top 10 American Invention

You know it, we know it and now the readers of AskMen.com know it. When putting together their list of the Top 10...

Christmas in July: A Couple Cool Corvette Gift Ideas

Since it is 1969 Corvette week at CorvetteBlogger.com, what a better way to display your models and other Corvette paraphernalia than on a replica...

MTI Dynos a 2008 Z51 Corvette; 2007 Owners Cry

Last week we shared the dyno numbers from an LG Motorsports test of an automatic 2008 Corvette. This week, Corvette tuner MTI puts...

Corvettes Anonymous…I Have A Problem!

My name is Keith Cornett and I have a problem. My addiction began long ago but it has now grown to the point...

Flickr Photo of the Day: 1969 Corvette Convertible

From the Flickr Corvette Pool: Photo Credit: The Photomat 1969 Corvette Options and Facts There were 38,762 Corvettes produced in 1969. Production was split between...

Paul Newman Is Still Racing Corvettes at 82

Academy Award winner and salad dressing king Paul Newman shares a passion for speed and despite being 82 years old, is still actively competing...

Corvette Racing: Johnny O’Connell Video at Lime Rock 2007

Bad Boy Vettes learned a costly lesson at LeMans last month: Until you can find a way to protect a hood mounted camera, mount...

Friday’s Featured Corvettes for Sale

We're kicking off a new feature for Friday's here at CorvetteBlogger.com. We spend endless hours each week on the internet and we look...

PM’s Jim Dunne Debunks Corvette SS Rumors

The coming of the Corvette SS has generated a buzz on the interwebs that hasn't been seen since... well, perhaps never. When you're...

Ultimate Mod: Chevrolet V8 Engine = BBQ Grill

Usually the combination of the words "engine" and "barbeque" bring out the worst fears in any gear head, with visions of a torched engine...