[VIDEO] Trucker Flips Out Over the 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] Trucker Flips Out Over the 2020 Corvette

Having a cool car like the new mid-engine Corvette isn’t something you want to hide in your garage.

Sharing Chevy’s new 2020 Stingray with other enthusiasts is part of the joy.

If you want proof, check out this video posted by Justin of the Horsepower Obsessed channel on YouTube.

By now, we’ve seen a lot of videos about the new C8, but this one captures the excitement of the car better than any of them!

This truck driver for R-L Carriers broke down in the parking lot of a gas station, apparently in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and he just happened to come across Justin while he was waiting for repairs.

“So that’s it, that’s the 2020?” the trucker asks incredulously, looking towards the Torch Red C8, complete with red engine cover, Z51 rear spoiler, and 5VM side skirts.

“This is the 2020,” Justin confirms.

It’s the first time the trucker has seen a new C8 in person, and he goes absolutely ballistic over it. These are just a few of his comments – before he even hears the 495-horsepower LT2 engine revving up.

“Bad to the bone!”

“Look here, big daddy! It don’t get no better than this!”

“Right now, I’m just in a moment! I’m just oh yeah I’m in a moment.”

Once the Corvette rumbles to life, he really gets excited.

“Man, that sounded like God! If God could speak, it’s got to sound like that, you know what I’m saying!”

“Man, that shook the whole ground! I’m so excited, my wife’s gonna love me tonight!”


Justin then asks the trucker if he would like to take a ride in the C8. At first, he says, “No, man. Are you sure?”

“I haven’t killed anybody in it yet, I promise.”

“For real, man? Hey man, I got to.”

We’re then treated to a view of both occupants of the car, with the trucker continuing to repeat that the Corvette is bad to the bone – “B-A-D to the bone, baby!”

After a breath-taking launch in the Corvette, the trucker calls a friend who had saved up two years to get the down payment on a 2017 Z06. ”

Dude, you better pick up the phone, this is a once-in-a-lifetime, pick up the phone man. I’m with Justin … I’m sitting in a 2020. Hey man, don’t you tell nobody, I’m supposed to be driving. I had a breakdown. Listen to this right here, boy, listen to this right here!”

“Woo, ooo, man! Hey, bro, my stomach feels like I was on a roller coaster! This ain’t no damn Dodge!”

Once they arrive back at the gas station, the trucker goes running into the parking lot, at one point even kicking his leg into the air. “Y’all see tears in my eyes? Hey man, I feel like I’m getting off a roller coaster.”

You can’t just read about this enthusiastic Corvette fan, though. You’ve got to take some time and watch this video for yourself! This trucker just made the day of me and every other Corvette enthusiast out there. And a shout-out to Justin for being willing to share the love and let this trucker enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

As the trucker says, “B-A-D to the bone, baby!”

Horsepower Obsessed / YouTube

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  1. It’s people like Justin that help promote good relations with others that have a love of this great american sports car. I do the same, I grew up very poor and now have a 63 roadster and my wife has a C6 and when i am at a show or a cruise and people come over to take pictures of my car, many times i ask them if they would like t sit in it and get a picture behind the wheel, which really surprises many, but I assure them I am for real, they always have huge smiles on their faces that last a long time.Save the wave

  2. Pretty cool vid. It’s nice to see people who appreciate awesomeness!! He has a C7 ZR1 too, damn. I hate being poor. I guess I should stop whining, I am on my 5th Corvette. The latest one is a 2011 GS 3LT Crystal Red Met with 15k on it and it’s a manual. Mine isn’t new it looks new but it’s 10 yrs old now, still attracts a lot of attention. I do love this car. It always amazes me how much attention these cars get especially if they are nice. I live in OR and I took a trip to the beach Lincoln City actually, I could not believe how much of a commotion my car created everywhere I went. A family asked if they could take a pic of their son standing next to my car, I had people interrupt lunch with the “is that yours” question, others took pics while I was at a couple of stop lights!! Many double and triple takes and thumbs up. It was pretty cool actually.

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