[AMAZON] Manfiter 9H Hardness Ceramic Coating – 150 ml Polish Set


[AMAZON] Manfiter 9H Hardness Caramic Coating - 150 ml Polish Set

Manfiter 9H Hardness Nano Ceramic Coating is an effective, easy used paint sealant, Just spray it and wipe off with sponge brush and fiber towel, and then you can get the smooth, clean, anti-scratch and shiny finish on your car.

The 9H anti-scratch coating improves the hardness of car surface and prevents the car’s exterior from acid rain erosion, outdoor exposure, scratches, rusty paint peels off, dust and leaves, textured unsmooth car paint, oxidation.

The super-hydrophobic coating forms a layer of crystals, making your car surface look like a mirror after using this car liquid ceramic. The hydrophobic surface makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

Priced at $17.99 which includes the 5.1 oz (150ml) liquid ceramic coating spray, sponge brush, and towel.

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