[VIDEO] The 2020 Corvette’s Storage Capacity Demonstrated with Loading of 6-Piece Luggage Set


[VIDEO] The 2020 Corvette's Storage Capacity Demonstrated with Loading of 6-Piece Luggage Set

Our friend John from the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com brought this to my attention and it’s great to have a related facebook video to share as well.

The Corvette Team tells us one of the design challenges was ensuring there would be enough storage for road trips. Their previous C7-branded 5-piece luggage set fits in the next-generation Corvette, but to see it is to believe it.

One of the vendors at the National Corvette Museum was ClubGlove.com, the maker of branded Corvette luggage sets. Like John said, we met them at the NCM Bash in April and were impressed with not only the heavy-duty construction but also how they are stackable on each other to make transporting them to and from the car as easy as possible.

[VIDEO] The 2020 Corvette's Storage Capacity Demonstrated with Loading of 6-Piece Luggage Set

At last weekend’s NCM 25th Anniversary Celebration, the representative from luggage company demonstrated how to pack the C8 Corvette utilizing their 6-piece luggage set.

As the facebook video from Karen Bedell shows, it does take some planning, and it helps to have luggage with soft sides to properly fit everything into the front and rear storage areas.

For those that are interested, the luggage set is offered for sale through the NCM’s CorvetteStore.com or you can find more info at ClubGlove.com.

Video by Karen Bedell / Facebook

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  1. Nice looking and seems to fit, but way too expensive for my taste. Seems to carry a lot more than I originally thought!

  2. Love the idea of two trunks.
    When I saw the C-8 I was pleasantly surprised at the large amount of trunk space and how deep they were. They are practical for shopping trips as well.

  3. Denyce some one needs to get all the de mention’s and start looking for the sizes or having them made and then you would not get totally ripped of with G M’s out of this planet pricing on all their gear.

  4. I use Travelpro crew bags for my work, and it looks like my standard 4-day rotation gear will fit. That being said, I will never leave a new C8 in the employee parking lot at an airport for days on end!

  5. Those bags would NEVER fit if they were packed by a women. Those bags he put in that trunk have a lot of play in them. That being said, you might have to leave one behind!🧳

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