[AMAZON] Save 39% on Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restore Kit Now Just $12


[AMAZON] Save 39% on Meguiar's Two-Step Headlight Restore Kit Now Just $12

If you have clear plastic headlights that aren’t looking as clear as they should, what do you do? The solutions is Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit. This inclusive headlight kit makes restoring headlight clarity an easy process, and there are no drills or tools required to obtain amazing results either.

Meguiar’s Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit allows you to restore your headlights quickly and easily. First, clean the surface evenly using the cleaning solution and abrasive cleaning pad (included), and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Then spray the surface with the headlight coating until evenly and thoroughly coated. This will restore the plastic to a crystal clear finish and provide protection from re-oxidation, keeping your headlights clear for up to a year.

This simple two-step process makes removing oxidation, cloudiness and yellowing quick and easy, while providing brilliant, long-lasting headlight clarity.

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