Paint Chip Confirms Zeus Bronze is the Same Color as Cadillac’s Bronze Sand Metallic


Paint Chip Confirms Zeus Bronze is the Same Color as Cadillac's Bronze Sand Metallic

Photo Credit: Doug DeMuro / YouTube

With the 2020 Corvette, Chevrolet will be expanding the available exterior colors with 12 choices instead of the previous 10. Three new colors are expected next year, Zeus Bronze, Rapid Blue, and Accelerate Yellow.

We pretty much had the Zeus Bronze color nailed down after the RPO code leaked from the Canadian dealership earlier this year, but just in case anyone had doubts, a graphic of the paint chip has surfaced and it confirms that the new Corvette color shares the same GM paint codes as Cadillac’s Bronze Sand Metallic.

GM uses different names for the same color across its brands but what they have in common is one standard paint code. Zeus Bronze’s RPO is GUI and that code also corresponds to the Cadillac color Bronze Sand Metallic. The real confirmation comes from this new paint chip which sports the unique GM paint code WA615D.

We previously shared this screenshot of automobile reviewer Doug DeMuro reviewing the 2019 Cadillac CTS-V in Bronze Sand Metallic and have laid the GUI paint chip on top for comparison. The chip itself is of rather poor quality so keep that in mind and realize that any of the metallic exteriors need to be seen in the sun to be judged fairly.

Paint Chip Confirms Zeus Bronze is the Same Color as Cadillac's Bronze Sand Metallic

This week we also caught sight of the paint chip for Rapid Blue and now we only need to see Accelerate Yellow as the third new color expected for the 2020 Corvette.

Earlier in the year, we asked if the world was ready for a Brown Corvette. Thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below or jump in the fray at the


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  1. I guarantee you will never see a Corvette of mine with the color Zeus Bronze ! What a dull, ugly color. Looks like something you would find on a Juke, Aztec or Prius

  2. Corvette People (myself included) can certainly be detail-oriented, but you know there’s a dearth of news when the main headline is about comparing paint chips!
    News-wise, though, it is just the calm before the 07-18-19 storm. 🙂

  3. I predict Zeus Bronze will be a one year only color on the C8. I wouldn’t have a Corvette or any other car that has metallic mouse brown paint.

  4. Well, these guys pretty much say it all ! I’ve been all over whomever is making these color choices (Ray Charles ?)as they are , in my opinion pathetic……..the boys on Mound Rd. Warren,Mi. Should look at Nissans color palate as those boys have an eye for color !

  5. Would have to see Zeus Bronze in person, but I have seen some rich metallic brown hues over the years that look very pretty in the sun, and pair well with a nice tan interior. Many years ago I recall seeing a metallic brown exterior/tan interior “70-’72 coupe for sale — it was sitting on a raised platform on the prime corner of a Pontiac/Buick dealership’s used car lot in Edmonton. Not sure if it was a stock colour, but the image of that sensously curved body sparkling in the evening sun has always stuck with me. Personally, I tend to have more trouble warming up to grey as a colour for Corvettes, or pretty much any vehicle — it just seems like such a bland colour choice — why would I want my Corvette to be the same colour as the sidewalk it is parked next to?

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