[VIDEO] Watch as this Corvette ZR1 Blocks the View of These C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes


[VIDEO] Watch as this Corvette ZR1 Plays Blocks the View of these C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes

Damn that high-wing ZR1!!

These two C8 mid-engine Corvettes were spotted driving through Leadville, CO this weekend and a 2019 Corvette ZR1 with the high-wing ZTK Performance Package played blocker to this guy in a Toyota Land Cruiser that just happened upon the trio of test cars as he was cruising around.

What else could you say but BLOCKING as the Corvette ZR1 moves over into the left lane a couple times to prevent the car spotter from passing the prototypes.

The mid-engine Corvettes haven’t been seen in almost a month and I can tell you that the natives were getting restless over at the Mid Engine Corvette Forum.

But thanks to this video on YouTube, we know the C8s are back on the streets and the fact that a ZR1 is with them should dispel any notion that the Mid-Engine Corvette isn’t going to happen.

The guy who captured the video just happens to be a Colorado car spotter and posted the following Sunday evening on YouTube:

Went up to Leadville to go exploring in my landcruiser and on the way home spotted these chevy test mules! The yet to be revealed mid engine corvette! And the 750+hp zr1. What a treat. Please like and subscribe so I can continue to make cool videos of cars in Colorado

Great seeing a fellow Land Cruiser owner out there! Nothing really new is learned from the video other than the fact that a Corvette ZR1 was along for the ride and trying to block the car-paparazzi from getting a shot. That high-wing does offer plenty of distraction as the two ZORA Mid-Engines cruised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

FYI, a quick google search tells us the elevation of Leadville, Colorado is 10,152 feet so the mid-engine platform is definitely getting the high-altitude treatment.

Several other spotters have also posted their sightings of the Mid-Engine Corvette in Colorado over the last few days. See all those pics over at MidEngineCorvetteForum.com.

Coloradocarsdogsanddrones / YouTube

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