Important End Of Model Year Deadlines for 2017 Corvette Production


Important End Of Model Year Deadlines for 2017 Corvette Production

With the pending closure of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant this summer, things are going to be a little weird for a while.

No one is saying how long the plant will be down, but we’ve been told 3-4 months at best. That means when the plant wraps up 2017 model production in June, we could be looking at no new Corvette production until sometime in the fourth quarter.

Inventories are pretty high right now and dealers are offering great discounts on remaining 2016 Corvette models as well as the new 2017 models including Grand Sports. And when you tie in the Chevy Bonus Cash incentives, some of those discounts can add up to over $10,000 off the price of a new Corvette.

But with the multi-month assembly plant closure in front of us, and no new Corvettes being built during that time, the market will most likely change as inventories drop. So if you want a new Corvette this summer, you better get on the ball. Here is what we currently know about the end of 2017 Corvette model year.

The last order cycle for having a 2017 Corvette built is April 13, 2017, and the last day of 2017 model year production is Friday, June 2nd.

A plant spokesperson has said that when the assembly plant resumes production following the closure, Chevrolet will be building the 2018 Corvette, widely expected to be the C7-based models.

You can decide to wait for a 2018 Corvette, but notice that the last order cycle for the 2017s will come two weeks before the annual new model roll-out at the NCM Bash event. We have not heard a peep about 2018 Corvettes other than a certain 2018 Corvette ZR1 prototype running around, which may or may not be announced until sometime this summer. And with a new paint shop coming online, there is no guarantee that the 2018 Corvette you want will be available in the color you want, at least immediately.

So if you want to be driving a new Corvette this summer that was built just for you, and one that was purchased at a discount, we suggest placing that order sooner rather than later to insure you get your dream Corvette at a great price.

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