C7 Callaway AeroWagen to Debut at the Corvette Museum Bash


C7 Callaway AeroWagen to Debut at the Corvette Museum Bash

You asked for it…and now here it comes!

Callaway Cars will officially unveil the long-awaited shooting brake version of the Callaway’s C7 models known as the Callaway AeroWagen. The unveiling will take place at the National Corvette Museum’s annual Bash event that runs April 27-April 29th.

The AeroWagen hatch assembly is a part-for-part replacement of the original C7 Corvette’s hatch, and uses all the original hardware and latching mechanisms. The AeroWagen can be fitted to the any of the standard production Corvettes as well as the Callaway SC627 Stingray or Grand Sport, as well as the Callaway SC757 Z06.

Installation for the AeroWagen hatch is performed at a Callaway Authorized Retailer or at the Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California.

Best of all, you can always revert back to your original hatch.

The cost of the AeroWagen hatch is $14,990 and includes the Callaway AeroSpoiler. There is a $2,980 upcharge for the body color version and the AeroSpoiler can be purchased as a stand-alone option for $1,995. Visit your local authorized Callaway dealer for details or visit the AeroWagen page at CallawayCars.com.

C7 Callaway AeroWagen to Debut at the Corvette Museum Bash

The National Corvette Museum’s Bash Event runs April 27-April 29. Visit the NCM to register for the Bash.

Now that the AeroWagen is here, how about that Callaway AeroWagonette?

Callaway Cars

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