[VIDEO] Budget Build Corvette Z06 Claims World’s Fastest C7 Z06 Title


[VIDEO] Budget Build Corvette Z06 Claims World's Fastest Title

This 2015 black Corvette Z06 proves you don’t have to break the bank to earn the title of world’s fastest C7 Z06.

The video doesn’t provide many hard-core facts about the performance of the car, but it does let viewers know that the owner ran a 9.81-second quarter-mile at 141 mph.

Apparently, the only upgrades are an IW Lower Pulley, AFE Cold Air Intake, Corsa X-Pipe, and of course drag radials – with the engine tuned on 93/109.

That’s a lot of performance for not many dollars, especially compared to the MSRP of the Z06.

With the number of Z06s out there growing by the day, don’t look for this record to stand for long. It will be nice for the owner, though, while it lasts.


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