[PIC] Corvette Stingray Has its Wheels Stolen in Detroit


[PIC] Corvette Stingray Has its Wheels Stolen in Detroit

Here’s a picture that is a sad sight for a Corvette owner, but one that also makes my blood boil at the same time.

It shows another C7 Corvette Stingray left high and dry after thieves steal the wheels off the car, leaving it balanced on what looks like a landscaping rock or stone.

According to the tweet, the red Stingray was located in Detroit. That should be your first clue that perhaps its not okay to park outside unless you have an armed guard posted nearby.

The picture was original posted on instagram and twitter from @Michigan_Auto:

I guess it could have been worse. What if they had taken the whole car? On the plus side, the Corvette looks to be a non-Z51 model so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a set of 18/19 base wheels that someone is selling.

The C7 Corvette doesn’t come with locking lug nuts, so to protect your wheels, you should immediately invest in a set of locking wheel lug nuts. You can view a large selection of genuine GM locking lug nuts at GM Parts Direct. GM does make a set of wheel locks for the C7 Corvette. They are GM Part Number #19211919 and can be ordered from your local Chevy dealer’s part counter.


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  1. Kinda wish “lojack®” or, (?) would develop a tire pressure monitored device that could track, or, activate the horn if tire(s) is removed???

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