[PIC] Hurricane Leslie Drops a Shed on a C4 Corvette


[PIC] Hurricane Leslie Drops a Shed on a C4 Corvette

As the track for Hurricane Leslie (now a Tropical Storm) takes it over Canada’s Newfoundland today and into the North Atlantic, we are getting updates on twitter from some of the damage that has occurred. Unfortunately, one C4 Corvette owner’s car was smashed after a large shed had taken flight and landed on his red sports car.

Twitter user @RhondaMcMeekin included the Corvette photo in a status update on Tuesday Morning along with several other updates that showed other storm damage in the town of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. According to another tweet, the owner of the Corvette said “I was building the shed to put the Corvette in…”

Click here to see the larger version.

Twitter user @AmsBradbury posted another image of the damaged red C4 Corvette.

As a semi-native Floridian, we know all about the devistation a storm like Leslie can cause and unless you’re planning on making a run to a safer location, the best place to park your Corvette is indoors. Now, here’s a tip from someone that has dealt with this before:

If your garage is in a low-lying area (where it could flood) or if you’re looking for a more secure place to park it, we recommend stashing your Corvette in a multi-floor concrete parking structure. Park it on the second floor or higher, in the middle of the garage and away from any openings. The car should be well protected during the storm as well as your piece of mind!


An article from CBC.ca tells us the owners name and some of the frightening experience he witnessed this morning:

Glenn Petten of Paradise, NL was in his kitchen this morning eating breakfast while watching the storm’s winds hurling debris.

“I was watching the wind blow the siding off the house below,” recounted Petten. “Next thing I know I saw the corner of the garage going up, up, up, and I said ‘oh no’.” The storm had lifted his garage and dropped it right on the back of his 1984 Corvette!

Although heartbroken about his Corvette, he says he’s glad no one was injured.

“I was building the garage to put the car in to do some work on her. I guess I’ve got a lot of work to do now,” said Petten.

@RhondaMcMeekin on Twitter

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