[UPDATE] Indiana Mayor Turns His Reserved Spot into a Handicapped Space


[UPDATE] Indiana Mayor Turns His Reserved Spot into a Handicapped Space

We told you a few days ago about the mayor of Logansport, Indiana and his parking fiasco outside the City Building.

You may remember that Mayor Ted Franklin went ahead and paid a $20 ticket for parking his bright yellow C5 Corvette convertible illegally outside the building for a few hours but got even with a political foe by soon creating a huge reserved parking spot for himself, complete with a “Mayor Parking Only” sign, claiming it would help him do a better and more efficient job for the taxpayers.

Well, it seems that the mayor, after being bombarded by the national media and finding that he was spending too much time defending his decision to reporters and citizens, has had a change of heart.

He’s turned his 400-square-foot reserved parking space into a handicapped spot instead.

Franklin admits he was getting less work done because of all the phone calls and e-mails about the reserved parking spot. Now he says it’s time for him to “grow up” and instead focus on the “true needs (of the town) and stop playing the game.”

The mayor’s decision shows the power of the Internet. In the old days, no one outside his little town would probably have known what he did. Nowadays with blogs and websites and other instant media, a story can grow legs no matter if it is outside the spotlight of big cities like New York and L.A.


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