[VIDEO] Loud Corvette ZR1 Causes Cargasmic Reaction


[VIDEO] Loud Corvette ZR1 Causes Cargasmic Reaction

Tell me, is there anything more satisfying than the sound you hear when opening up your dual NPP exhaust valves under full acceleration? This custom Corvette ZR1 was surprising docile sounding under normal throttle, but once the traffic cleared in front of him, his foot hit the floor and we heard the monstrous LS9 open up in all it’s glory. The Corvette was so loud, it shocked those around it including the guy who was filming.

This video is just over a year old and with over 120K views, you can bet its already made the rounds on the forums. But that won’t stop us from sharing it with you.

The description on the youtube page says the Corvette is a ZR1 with Bassani exhaust and Kooks headers. We’re not sure how he knows that, but here is how the original poster describes the scene:

I was driving behind this Corvette Zr1, with Bassani and kooks headers, through my city in Michigan. After a couple miles, the driver must have noticed us filming his car because, he then floors the loud peddle and launches, full throttle down a hill, moving at some incredible speeds. This is the most amazing noise I have ever heard, the loudest Corvette I have ever heard, and also one of the most amazing/ beautiful cars I have ever seen. And yes, I scream out of shock when the car accelerates, its kind of funny but its pretty much a fail!

OMG indeed!


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