[VIDEO] Wrecked C5 Corvette Gets Even More Trashed By Tow Truck


[VIDEO] Wrecked C5 Corvette Gets Even More Trashed By Tow Truck

I’m not gonna lie. This video is a hard one to watch. The owner of C5 Corvette gets turned around and bangs into a wall somewhere on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway. He may have thought his bad luck would end there, but he’s about to find out first hand the damage that can be done to a Corvette by a tow truck operator who’s primary mission is to clear the road, not the care and safety of the C5 Corvette in his possession.

So basically, the tow truck driver rips off the rear fascia, damages the front end (even more) and then drags the Corvette with metal scrapping concrete down the Dan Ryan. Seriously, the Corvette is missing the front passenger wheel. Do you really think you’re going to roll it out of there without damage? Thanks for helping dude! Of course, none of this would have happened if the driver would have had a little more control over his Corvette.

Tampa Bay Sports Car Examinar

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  1. Why didn’t the driver move the car? and wow what a way to damage the car more, I bet the tow truck company denies any wrong doing.

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