Corvettes on eBay: Farrah Fawcett’s Foxy 1970 Corvette


Farrah's Foxy Vette

Article contributed by Steve Burns

Our recent batch of celebrity-owned Corvettes for sale continues to grow. First it was Slash’s black 1966 coupe. Next up was Ace Frehley’s ’78 Pace Car. Now currently on EBay is a 1970 Corvette built for Hollywood’s Farrah Fawcett by hot rod guru George Barris.

Farrah Fawcett was one of the stars of TV’s Charlie’s Angels, movies, and the famous red swimsuit poster (search Google for it at home, not while at work). Sadly, she passed away back in 2009. George Barris is widely considered to be the king of custom cars. His notable creations include the original Batmobile, the Munsters’ Koach, and Black Beauty from the original Green Hornet series among numerous other famous customs.

The “Foxy Vette” features green paint with pin stripes, a 4 speed transmission, custom Greenwood-style bodywork, a mobile phone, TV, and an interior covered in miles of fur. Motor size isn’t mentioned, but it appears to be a 350 based on the photos. The current owner states that it will need a little TLC once the new owner takes possession as it looks like it has been sitting outside for quite some time.

Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette
Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette
Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette
Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette Farrah's Foxy Vette

So how much for this celebrity-owned Corvette? The Buy-it-Now price is just $1,200,000. No, that’s not a typo. Now here’s the interesting part: is this actually Farrah’s Corvette? Spend some time Googling the subject are you’ll see that this car has been discussed at length on numerous occasions in the past. Some say it is, and some say it isn’t.

The EBay listing doesn’t contain a whole lot of information and neglects to mention any type of concrete documentation linking the car to Barris or Fawcett. One would think that a seven-figure Buy-it-Now would elicit a few more details (and proper grammar) in the ad. On the flip-side we all know that undocumented cars have sold for hefty sums in the past. Plus, if you study the 1970’s photos well and compare them to the photos in the ad, you will notice that every detail or the original is still present on this car.

Million dollar Corvettes are pretty rare. Those sky high values are typically reserved for Grand Sports, significant race cars, and styling cars, but some others have brought $1,000,000+ as well. Is this the real “Foxy Vette”? We’re going to leave that up to you and the prospective bidders to decide. Whatever the case, please do your homework before throwing down $1.2 million a Corvette. The auction ends March 8th at 8:22:59 PST.

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  1. Thank u Mr.Steve for being interstead .I understand my information was limited,but those who are interstead just give me a call and I well be more then happy to share more information on this topic . Again thank you and Godbless You..

  2. Lol! If someone pays 1.2 million for that POS they are truly insane. As a mater of fact Nick you are nuts for thinking anyone in their right mind would pay over 1 million dollars for a ragged out “Celebrity” car. Perhaps if it was restored or a high grade “survivor” it might be worth close to six figures, but the with the condition its in…..You can get Ferrari TR’s and Hemi Cudas that are “PERFECT” for what you are asking for it. Check back in next year when you’ve gotten no interest in the car and are now asking $20K for it.

  3. When people are searching for A one of one celebrity icon car, or other things of interest everyone should ask over a million dollars and I wish you well Nick remember you have the one and only, FOXYVETTE and whomever buys it will feel they have the million dollar car. I had sent the information to them when I saw they were looking for Farrahs corvette. And did not even get a response. Wishing you good luck Nick.
    W. Marchese p.s. only one Farrah one Elvis, one Ali, one James Dean, …..look up there previously owned celebrity cars……………..

  4. No smart collector pays north of 1 million for a “celebrity” car of questionable vintage and in poor condition. Plus the car itself should be something special, more than a run of the mill 350 Corvette. Guys who can afford million dollar cars didn’t get there by throwing their money away. I’ve got nothing against the owner of this car or the car itself, I just think the owner is living a pipe dream if he thinks its worth anything close to what he is asking. You mention James Dean, Elvis and Ali, they are in a different category than Farrah imo and as such something they owned would be more collectible. But I would go so far as to say that suppose “Little Bastard” survived after James Dean’s crash. Let’s say perhaps it was even restorable. If so I couldn’t imagine it going for more than the asking price for this. At best Farrah is a low A, to B grade celebrity. Maybe an icon of the 70’s but not an Icon like Dean, or Ali, or Elvis.
    Steve McQueen”s 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta was auctioned off by Christies for 2.3 million. There was a Concours quality restoration done on this car before being auctioned and even so many people were surprised by how high the bidding went. Pre auction estimates were between 800,000 and 1,000,000. Does anyone really think this Vette is more desirable than a classic RESTORED 250 Ferrari, owned by none other than McQueen?

  5. I recall an article in regards to someone restoring a Porsche and when looking for a rear end found one in some desert junkyard when running the numbers on the rear it turned out to be James Dean cars rear. And thats another story.
    But not to say that foxyvette is worth whats being asked but very clever way to start a story and have the interested story tellers and haters continuing talking about Farrah remember your only dead when they stop thinking and talking about you.

  6. I wanna thank you all for your support, I truly understand every bodies opinion. But it is what it is the offers up to 175,000.00 dollars, its worth a shot isn’t it.Yes I also understand people have been bad mouthing me but I rather it be me then the old man am trying to help sell this car for.I guess I want Farrah Fawcett to get the attiontion she deserved after she past on, and as for her car as well. I to want this vette to be in good hands, its a shame the cars in a junk yard but I can’t afford it. Again thank you and may God Bless you all.

  7. According to Stars and Their Cars by George Barris there were two version of this car- one for Farrah and one for show. Does anyone one know which one this is? One blogger wrote that her original was in an accident at the studio but it couldn’t be verified because Barris has passed away which I don’t think he has…

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