[VIDEO] Jay Leno Puts His Corvette Z06 on Real Car Simulator


[VIDEO] Jay Leno Puts His Corvette Z06 on Real Car Simulator

Jay Leno took his C5 Corvette Z06 for a spin the other day without ever leaving the confines of his garage. How’d he do that, you ask? He invited the gurus from Drag Tag Simulations to Jay Leno’s Garage who set up a virtual driving environment that is part dyno, part video game. With his Yellow Corvette Z06 strapped to the platform, Jay was able to cruise the virtual streets and even got in some quarter mile runs. Check out the video after the jump.

The display shows a virtual environment that can simulate 100’s of locations around the world as well as give the driver the ability to select the time of day or the weather conditions. Want to drive on the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset? No problem! Want to see what time you can run on the world famous Nurburgring? Go for it!

The platform itself looks like a dyno-jet. Fans blow air into the front of the car while the exhaust is extracted from the rear of the car. As you will see, Jay has movement of the steering wheel as well as the ability to run through the gears of the Z06’s 6-speed transmission.

We think this is a super cool way to allow drivers the ability to sample many of the world’s greatest roads and tracks without ever leaving town. Today we have Corvette owners who boast that their Corvettes have never been out in the rain. If simulation driving catches on, someday, that might just change to Corvettes never driven on a real street.

Jay Leno’s Garage via Autoblog

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