Chevy to Unveil Mystery Corvette Z06 at Sebring’s Corvette Corral


Mystery Corvette Z06 to Appear at Sebring's Corvette Corral
Photo Credit: photo-by-me on Flickr

The Mobil One 12 Hours of Sebring is huge in the world of sport car racing and GM has used the event in recent years to leverage the media and enthusiasts gathered in Central Florida to showcase new products. Just last year we witnessed the public debuts of both the 2009 ALMS GT1 Championship and Competition Sport Editions.

With the successful launch of the Grand Sports for the 2010 model year, I figured there was no way Chevy would be doing a Special Edition Corvette this spring, let alone bringing one to Sebring. But then I received an email from Chevy public relations inviting me to Sebring to witness the following:

Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer, and Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager, will unveil a new limited edition Z06 variant in the Corvette Corral on Friday, March 19.

Holy hell! A limited edition Z06 “variant”?

Seems to me that word “variant” implies something a bit more exclusive than special graphics and paint schemes. I called Dave Salvatore from Kerbeck Corvette and asked him point blank: Is Chevy planning a limited edition Corvette Z06 for 2010 and if so, is there anything in the order system to confirm. Dave said he hadn’t heard of a limited edition for this Spring and confirmed there was nothing in the order system. Like usual, he was mum on any future product questions when I pressed him.

Hmm, so what is Chevy planning for Sebring that other than the Florida sunshine and Turn 10 debauchery would bring both Tadge and Harlan down from Detroit?

Whatever the mystery car turns out to be, it is nice to hear the Z06 may be getting some love following successful launches of the ZR1 and Grand Sports, two models that have encroached on the turf of Corvette’s true track car. I guess we’ll all need to go to the 12 Hours of Sebring on March 19th to find out. And when we know, you’ll know…

BTW, as I was finishing this post, it dawned on me that 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the C5 Z06. Just sayin…

There’s some interesting reading on Digital Corvettes about a Z07 package for 2011.

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