Tom Cruise: Corvette Owner


(Editor’s Note: Read in the style of Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous) Hollywood super-couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hit up L.A. eatery Mastro’s Steakhouse for a romantic evening out on Tuesday. The dressed-up pair arrived in style in Tom’s classic 1958 Silver Blue Corvette, which he drove. Tom, 44, and Katie, 28, spent over two hours in the restaurant, before heading back home.

Tom and Katie in their 1958 Corvette. Tom and Katie exit their 1958 Corvette. Celebrity bodyguard is the ultimate in anti-theft devices.
What I really like about these photos is the #3 shot with bodyguard. I would imagine the conversation was something like: Tom: “Hey, were going to grab a bite to eat. Stay and watch the car.”
Bodyguard: “It will be here when you return, sir. BTW, Sir. Do you think this suit makes me look fat?”
Tom: “Hell, no. you look good. Besides, the suit matches the Silver Coves. See you in a couple of hours.” Update:
Apparently, Tom had a little trouble starting the 1958 Corvette when leaving the restaurant. Surrounded by photogs, one in the crowd yells out “Mission Impossible”. See the video at
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  1. Hey, that classic 1958 Silver Blue Corvette Tom and Katie own was purchased through ProTeam Corvette Sales in Napoleon, OH (near Toledo, Katie’s hometown).

    –McCullough PR

  2. If Tom Cruise were interested, he could leave a review of his local Corvette service shop here:

    Of course, for all those who aren’t Tom Cruise, we welcome your opinion and rating of local Corvette service providers as well!

  3. I’ve always liked Tom Cruise’s acting and his looks. I even had a dream about him one time. I think he likes being a father; he always has a big smile on his face when he’s with his kids.

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