Gus Grissom’s 1967 Corvette Listed on eBay


Space Pioneer Gus Grissom had the right stuff when it came to his Red 1967 Corvette Convertible. Nights were spent on the deserted tracks and back roads of Melborne, Florida racing other astronauts. The story goes fellow astronaut Alan Shepard, who fashioned a reputation for himself as “Mr. Corvette”, couldn’t beat Gus’ 427 Corvette as Gus had installed a 4:56 rear end giving him a tremendous edge in 1/4 mile racing. Grissom, the second American in space, and the first American to travel into space twice, was also one of the first to die in the U.S. space program. His Corvette went through four owners before winding up with Jim Falkowski, who purchased the Corvette in 1985 for $9,995. During Jim’s ownership, the Corvette won many awards including NCRS Top Flight, multiple Cypress Gardens, the National Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green and has been featured in numerous magazines, news articles and calendars.

There is something about a car once owned by a national hero. When paired with a ’67 427/435 Red Convertible, the myth grows exponentially. Now the Gus Grissom Corvette is listed on eBay, giving someone a chance at owning history. Current bid as of June 20th was $178,099 with the Reserve not yet met. The auction runs through June 26th. Source: eBay, Wikipedia
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  1. Be careful. "I" bought the car via Hemmings in 1984. It was Red. After immediately checking past history I discovered the car was orignally Blue and restored in Michigan prior to my buying. Plate was destroyed and replaced to show Red with added options. Speedometer was broke showing 30K miles. My attorney wrote the person who sold me the car demanding a refund or be sued. As instructed by my attorney and negotiations with the seller I sold the car at an auction in Ft.Myers Fl to a dealer from Ft. Lauderdale. Selling price plus money paid to me from the Hemmings seller in 1984 evened out my cost. If you want evidence, contact me at the email address shown with your listed phone number, your name and the reason you want the information

    This is no hoax. I’m just being cautious as you might be in the similar situation and telling it like it is.

  2. Addition to my previous August 29 post: The Ebay ad #4652048489 shows a dealer window sticker label from Jim Rathmann Chevrolet representing the Corvette as Rally Red with a few other options added not on the original car. Since the Corvette was originally Blue this label is FALSE. The bottom of the label states "public law 85-506, 85th congress"
    So what do we have here ??

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