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[PICS] Custom Z06 Corvette is Stunning in Matte Blue

We threw a picture of this 2007 Corvette Z06 up on our Facebook page last week and since it got a tremendous response there with nearly 500 likes, we figured it was worth a more in-depth review. Besides, we love double-threat custom as much as the next guy. Not only does this Corvette Z06 feature a gorgeous exterior, it also received some serious engine mods as well.

Corvette Gets a Chrome Wrap by Czech Tuner

Tintek is a company out of the Czech Republic that has developed a real skill in the vinyl wrapping of sports cars. And while the latest trend in vinyl wrapping seems to be matte colors, Tintek goes the complete opposite with their fleet of sports cars wrapped in chrome. After dressing up a Chevy Camaro SS and an Audi TT, the company released photos of their latest creation, a chromed C6 Corvette Coupe with verticle doors.