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Auto123.com's Eclectic List of Top 10 Corvettes

The great thing about Corvettes is that they appeal to just about everyone. That means sometimes that what one person deems an “ordinary” Corvette might be the “King of the Hill” to another person.

Take, for example, auto123.com’s recently listing of the Top 10 Chevrolet Corvettes of all time.

Forbes: 2011 Corvette a Top 10 New Car Deal for July

The writers at Forbes obviously know a good investment when they see one. In their list of “Top 10 New Car Deals for July”, Forbes looks at the best deals and incentives offered by the automakers, specifically the direct-to-consumer cash rebates, discounted financing promotions and marketing-support incentives which are additional dealer discounts. With the 2012 Corvette on the way, Chevy wants to move the 2011s and Forbes took notice of the sweet deal on America’s favorite sports car.