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Just How Much Cargo Can a C6 Convertible Corvette Carry?

Friday started out just like any other day, taking my 12-year-old son to middle school. Since he enjoys riding in our 2005 Corvette convertible, I decided to make the trip interesting for him (and me, too) and forego the usual 1999 Suburban that offers us a thrill ride of a different kind.

After dropping Christopher off at school, I decided to stop by the local Walmart and pick up a few groceries. My list didn’t look that long, and I had had the foresight to make sure that the Corvette trunk was empty just in case the list ran a little over.

[POLL] Spring Time is Corvette Time - Or Is It?

Article contributed by Steve Burns

As we stare out the window of CorvetteBlogger’s Motor City bureau into the cold, cloudy, gray, and wet outdoors we can’t help but wonder if the sun will ever shine again. After an extremely harsh winter, our thoughts naturally turn to visions of warm summer cruising in our Corvettes once we’ve rescued them from their wintertime naps. But when’s the appropriate time to wake them up?