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[VIDEO] Bros Hoon a Rental Corvette Stingray in the Desert

Normally I don’t have a problem whatsoever as to how you treat your Corvette. It’s your car and you have to live with it. But what about a rental? I don’t really think that most guys would think twice about lighting up the tires on a rental Corvette. I probably would. But this next video I’m about to share from a couple of youtubers is just wrong on so many levels.

Man Teaches Daughter How To Do Donuts In A Corvette ZHZ

This video is awesome on so many levels. First, the lure of hooning a rented car is strong motivation enough, but when that rental is a Velocity Yellow Corvette ZHZ from Hertz, your sense of right and wrong goes out the door. But the real beauty of this video is the relationship between father and daughter. She will never forget the day her dad taught her how to do donuts in a yellow Corvette and believe me, neither will he.