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Ralph Eckler Offering Signature Corvette Restomods

There aren’t many names more familiar to the Corvette enthusiast than that of Ralph Eckler, founder of Eckler Corvette Parts, which has grown into one of the top suppliers of quality Corvette parts and accessories over the past 40 years.

Mr. Eckler is now retired from the company that bears his name, but that doesn’t mean his love for Corvettes has gone away.

Just the opposite. He’s now taken his enthusiasm for Corvettes to a new and exciting level with the introduction of his Ralph Eckler Signature Car Collection.

Bloomington Gold Announces 10 Inductees into the Great Hall

Article contributed by Steve Burns

We’re just about 6 weeks away from the annual summer pilgrimage of Corvette faithful to St. Charles, Illinois and the Bloomington Gold Corvette show. As the time approaches, we’re getting more and more information about some of the unique events that make up this great 4-day gathering. Started in 2010 in place of the Special Collection, the Great Hall will highlight 10 people and 10 Corvettes per year until 50 people and cars from each category have been saluted. This year’s list of people who helped transform the Corvette hobby into what it is today is just past the jump.