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[PIC] Corvette is Main Attraction in Long Beach, Washington Circa 1964

One of my favorite features from Hemmings is the vintage photographs showing life in America from the view on the street. This photo shows downtown Long Beach, Washington in what is believed to be the summer or early fall of 1964 shows a crowded street with a Riverside Red mid-year Corvette driving away from the camera. Check out the attention the Corvette commands from the pedestrians on the street!

[PIC] Corvette ZR1 Stars in Professional Photo Shoot
Photo Credit: Rob Smith Photography

Ontario-based professional photographer Rob Smith had the opportunity to shoot this black Corvette ZR1 in a variety of settings. We happened upon them on the Forum and just loved the feel and emotion radiating from the 638 hp supercharged supercar parked in this urban setting. Judging from the multitude of comments, I am not alone.