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Corvette 3D Experience to be First 3D Documentary about the Corvette

Patrick Gramm of Gramm Productions/Digital Corvettes has teamed up with Onset3D Studios to begin work on a new project called the “Corvette 3D Experience”. It’s going to be the first 3D documentary about Corvettes and it will bring the coolest Corvettes from six generations right into the living room of viewers through the power of high-definition 3D. But before filming can start, Patrick needs YOUR help.

The Speed Business Premiers - First 3 Episodes Now Live

The Speed Business is a web-based documentary/reality show detailing a behind the scenes look at Blackdog Racing and team owner/driver Tony Gaples. Produced by Patrick Gramm (Vette Garage, Vette Girl), the show promises to take the viewer to places race fans rarely see…in the pits, in the garage and behind the wheel right in the middle of all the action as Blackdog Racing campaigns in the 2005 SCCA Pro Racing “Speed World Challenge” series.

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Patrick Gramm, founder of Digital Corvettes and producer of the Vette Gararge and Vette Girl video series, introduces his newest project which follows the Blackdog Racing World Challenge GT Corvette and its owner/driver Tony Gaples. Full episodes are expected to drop this fall and to get you hooked, a preview trailer has been released.