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[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

[PICS] C5/C7 Corvette UFO Spotted on Reddit

We recently showed you a 1977 Corvette that has been customized to look like a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray. Now we unveil a...
Corvette Oddball: Kevin Mackay's Drivable 1967 Corvette Chassis

Corvette Oddball: Kevin Mackay’s Drivable 1967 Corvette Chassis

Is beauty skin deep or is it what's inside that counts? K. Scott Teeters plays Corvette Oddball with renowned Corvette restorer Kevin Mackay...

Corvette Oddball: Andy Granatelli’s Turbine-Powered C3 Corvette

Did Chevy ever really seriously consider developing a turbine-powered Corvette? The short answer is "No!". They may have talked about it over...