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[GALLERY] Vettes and Jets (25 Corvette photos)

Sometimes things just go to together when paired with something equally awesome. Take Corvettes, jets and planes for example. The jets rule the skies while Corvettes rule the streets. So when owners get a chance to get the two together, it usually makes for a great photograph.

So here’s some 25 random Vettes and Jets we’ll share today as part of a Saturday photo gallery. Make sure you share this page on Twitter and Facebook.

[PICS] Vettes and Jets on the Lex 2013

One of the coolest recurring Corvette shows that happens once every couple of years is Vettes and Jets on the Lex. Over 300 Corvettes are loaded onto the flight deck of the retired aircraft carrier USS Lexington for a two day Corvette show. The Corvettes are parked next to many of the retired jets from our Armed Forces and proceeds of the event goes to support The Wounded Warrior Project.