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Fast n' Loud's 1968 Hot Wheels Corvette to be offered at Barrett Jackson

Go ahead and admit it. You may be too old to push toy cars in the dirt, but you still think Hot Wheels Corvettes are pretty cool.

So what would you think if that little 1968 Corvette Hot Wheels creation suddenly came to life as a full-blown, able-to-be-parked-in-your-own-driveway model?

Well, dream no longer.

[VIDEO] Jay Leno Drives the Corvette-based Hot Wheels Darth Vader Tribute Car

“May the Force be with you” carries new meaning when you’re behind the wheel of this tribute car to tag/star-wars/”>Star Wars created by Hot Wheels.

Check out the latest edition of Jay Leno’s Garage to see the real version of Hot Wheels’ Darth Vader car that’s actually a drivable vehicle based on a C6 Corvette. Jay even takes it for a spin, pointing out that some people in Los Angeles didn’t even notice – too busy on their cell phones!

Charlie Mallon's World Record Collection of Chevrolet Memorabilia

A lifelong love of Chevrolet and Corvettes has put a Pennsylvania man in the record books.

Charlie Mallon’s mom says he could tell a Corvette from other cars by the time he was 3 years old. Fittingly, she gets the credit for helping him get started with his record-setting collection of Chevrolet memorabilia that now numbers more than 2,200 (and is continually growing).

And it is official. Back in May, the Guinness Book of World Records officially certified Mallon’s collection as the largest collection of Chevrolet memorabilia in the world after making him jump through all sorts of hoops.