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High Tech Corvette

[VIDEO] Another 2015 Corvette Z06 Hits the Dyno and Shows 572 RWHP

Yesterday when we posted the dyno graph from Vengeance Racing which showed the new C7 Corvette Z06 generating 585 rear wheel horsepower and 617 lb-ft of torque, we speculated that more dyno tests would be needed to see if Chevrolet was sandbagging conservatively estimating the power numbers for the new supercharged super car.

We now have a new video from the guys at High Tech Corvette which features a black 2015 Corvette Z06 on a Mustang 1100 dynometer and those results were equally impressive.


[VIDEO] Corvette Z06 vs Corvette Z06 – Roll Racing

by Keith Cornett on December 8, 2013

Via CorvetteVideos.TV

A little roll racing on the highway with a few Z06 Vettes from High Tech Corvette:

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[VIDEO] Houston Mile - Kelly Bise's Supercharged Z06

That’s no rookie behind the wheel, but even an experienced driver like Kelly Bise has trouble keeping a supercharged Corvette Z06′s power under control.

In this video from High Tech Corvette, Bise gets his Z06 up to an incredible 160 mph in just a half-mile run at the Houston Mile before he lets up.


[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Runs the Texas Mile at 211 MPH

by Keith Cornett on March 30, 2012

[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Runs the Texas Mile at 211 MPH

Well, here is something you don’t see everyday. Our brothers at High Tech Corvette captured this C4 making two runs at the Texas Mile and both times the “all motor” 4th Gen Corvette breaks the 200 mph barrier.


[VIDEO] Fastlane's 667-HP Rear Mounted Turbo Corvette Z06 on the Dyno

If you’re looking for a performance boost for your Corvette Z06 that’s out of the ordinary, then Fastlane out of Houston, Texas may have the answer for you.

Fastlane vows to be not only Houston’s biggest and baddest tuner shop, but they have also been building muscle cars and trucks for nearly 15 years, according to their website.

The shop’s latest effort is a C6 Z06 Rear Mount Turbo Kit that features a 76mm Turbo on a stock Z06 motor.


[VIDEO] Heavy Acceleration in a 1500 hp Twin-Turbo C6 Corvette

Want to see what extreme acceleration looks like? In the latest video from High Tech Corvette, the crew filmed a twin-turbo Corvette C6 boasting over 1,500 horses cruising down the highway. When the driver drops the hammer, this C6 Corvette leaps from 50 mph to over 170 mph in just seconds.