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[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Featured in Official GoPro Base Jump Video

Our friends at Jalopnik billed this video as being “two-steps away from doing the xXx car jump scene” a la Vin Diesel’s Triple xXx opening scene where he and red Corvette jumped of a bridge. In this video from GoPro’s official youtube channel, the Corvette never leaves the ground but the same can’t be said about GoPro extreme athlete Quentin Luçon who hitched a ride in the yellow C6 Corvette before throwing himself off a bridge.

[PIC] Hey, Is That a GoPro Camera mounted on the Corvette Stingray Testing at the Nurburgring?

Chevrolet Europe posted a tweet on Friday about the 2014 Corvette Stingray undergoing suspension testing on the wet track at the Nurburgring. We looked at the photo and then enlarged it for a better view. Low and behold, there’s a GoPro HD Camera mounted low and behind the driver’s front tire!

[VIDEO] GoPro Captures Trooper Pulling Over a Speeding C6 Corvette

It’s safe to say that the GoPro HD cameras that you can attach to your cars via a suction cup has revolutionized the way drivers immortalize their exploits behind the wheel. While the handy little plastic-encased cameras are mostly used for capturing burnouts, club cruises and the occasional accident, we’re surprised we don’t see more of this – GoPro equipped Corvettes getting pulled over by the Man!