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GM Sales Reports

August 2011 Corvette Sales

The monthly sales figures were released by General Motors last week and Corvette sales dipped to its lowest number in seven months. In August, there were 936 Corvettes sold, a decline of -17.5% over the 1,135 Corvettes sold during the same month in 2010. For the year, Corvette sales continue to run 5% ahead of 2010 with a total of 9,123 Corvettes sold during the 2011 calendar year.

July 2011 Corvette Sales

GM released July’s sales report yesterday and we continue to like what we see. Sales of Corvettes remained steady at 1,291, just nine less than June’s total of 1,299. The July 2011 figure is also 7.7% better than the 1,199 Corvettes sold in July 2010. For the calendar year to date, Corvette sales are pacing 8.4% higher than 2010 with a total of 8,187 Corvettes sold January-July.

May 2011 Corvette Sales

General Motor released their monthly sales figures for May and Corvette sales continue to encourage us. In May 2011, 1,304 Corvettes were delivered to new buyers. Although the sales figures are down 8.7% over May 2010’s 1,428 Corvettes, it does rank as the second best month of sales since last May. For the calendar year, 5,597 have been sold which is pacing 13.1% over the 4,950 Corvettes sold the same time in 2010. Like I said, Corvette sales for 2011 are very encouraging.

April 2011 Corvette Sales

Great news from General Motors today regarding the sales of America’s favorite sports car. In April 2011, sales of the Corvette shot up to 1,454 – the highest reported sales figure in the last 19 months! Deliveries last month were 33.5% higher than April 2010’s 1,089 and for Calendar Year to Date, General Motors has sold 4,293 to lead 2010’s 3,522 figure by 21.9%. Sales of Corvettes haven’t been this high since September of 2009 when 1,585 Corvettes were sold.

March 2011 Corvette Sales

More good news from General Motors regarding Corvettes. Sales of America’s sports car continue to gain momentum as outlined in GM’s monthly sales report for March 2011. 1,163 Corvettes were delivered last month, a 17.3% increase over the 955 Corvettes delivered during March 2010. This was the best sales month for Corvettes since July 2010 and the first 1,000+ selling month since October 2010. For the calendar year, Corvette sales were 2,839, a 16.7% increase over last year’s 2,433 Corvettes sold January-March 2010.

February 2011 Corvette Sales

We got the February 2011 sales figures from General Motors and its been a rare moment when we can say Corvette sales are up over the previous month as well as up in the year to date figure. Last month, 955 Corvettes were delivered to new homes, a 53% increase from the mere 624 Corvettes sold in the same month in 2010. For the calendar year, 1,676 Corvettes have been delivered which is a 13.4% increase over the first two months of 2010.

December 2010 Corvette Sales

December brought a ton of snow across the country as well as 974 Corvettes for new owners. And with these final sales numbers for 2010 which arrived from General Motors this week, we can officially report total Corvette sales down -9.4% for the 2010 calendar year. The total number of Corvettes delivered in 2010 was 12,624 vs sales of 13,934 Corvettes in CY 2009.

November 2010 Corvette Sales

New Corvette Sales took a major step backwards according to the November 2010 Sales Report issued by General Motors. A total of 836 Corvettes were sold during the month of November, ending the streak of seven consecutive months of sales over 1,000 units. It’s the second worst month for sales in 2010 behind February’s 624 deliveries. Calendar year-to-date sales total 11,645 which is -9.7% off the 12,901 deliveries year to date in 2009.