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GM Sales Reports

June 2012 Corvette Sales

Looking for some good news regarding new Corvette sales? According to GM’s June 2012 sales report released last week, Corvette sales jumped to 1,475 cars for the month, an increase of 13.5% over June 2011’s 1,299 deliveries.

This is the best sales figure we’ve had since September 2009 when 1,589 Corvettes were sold. For the calendar year, sales are up 1.8% with 7,022 Corvettes delivered between January-June 2012 compared with 6,896 Corvettes sold over the same time period in 2011.

April 2012 Corvette Sales

Last week, General Motors released the April 2012 sales report and new deliveries of America’s favorite sports car came in at 1,396. This is down 4% from April 2011’s sales figure of 1,454 but was an increase over the 1,376 Corvettes sold last month (March 2012). This is now the 4th month in row for Corvette sales increases over the previous month and April’s sales number is the highest in a year. For the calendar year, 4,328 Corvettes have been sold and the number is pacing 0.8% ahead of 2011’s calendar year sales.

March 2012 Corvette Sales

General Motor’s March Sales Report brings good news to the Corvette Team as sales for the month were up 18% over March 2011. Last month, GM sold 1,376 Corvettes vs 1,163 in March 2011. For the calendar year, Corvette sales are up 3.3% with 2,932 Corvettes sold in 2012 vs 2,839 Corvettes sold in 2011. This is the third month in a row that Corvette sales have increased over the previous month and the March total is the highest sales figure we’ve seen since April 2011.

February 2012 Corvette Sales

We got the new sales figures for February from General Motors yesterday and it looks as though Corvette Sales have rebounded from the dismal 629 Corvettes sold in January. In February, 927 Corvettes were delivered to new owners. This is slightly down from 2011’s 955 Corvettes sold. For the year, sales are running -7.2% off of 2011 with 1,556 total deliveries so far in 2012.

December 2011 Corvette Sales

General Motor’s December sales report was issued yesterday and shows that Corvette sales rebounded slightly in the final month of 2011. In December, Chevrolet sold 1,038 Corvettes for a 6.0% increase over December 2010’s 979 deliveries. For the calendar year of 2011, Corvette sales closed 4.3% higher than 2010 with a total of 13,164 Corvettes sold compared to 12,624.

November 2011 Corvette Sales

New Corvette sales continue to slide according to the latest General Motors delivery report. Deliveries for November 2011 fell to 910 for the month. Its the third consecutive drop in sales and three out of the last four months have failed to break the 1,000 unit mark. It looks a little better on paper as in November 2010 only had 836 deliveries so the month saw an increase of 8.9%. For the calendar year to date, Chevy has sold 12,126 Corvettes, an 4.1% increase over 2010.

Update from GM on 2012 Corvette Production

GM has released an update on the current production statistics of the 2012 Corvette through October 10th. From it we can gather some of the purchasing habits of new Corvette owners including models and colors as well as acceptance of certain options. The Grand Sport Corvette Coupe is the most popular model with 43% of all Corvettes produced and 23% of new Corvette owners picked Torch Red as their favorite color. Of special note is the new Centennial Corvette package which accounts for 17% of all new Corvettes produced so far.

October 2011 Corvette Sales

The monthly sales report came out last week while we were at the SEMA show so we’re just now getting around to taking a look at it. The news isn’t great as sales of Corvettes in October slipped to 946 for the month. That is a -6.4% decline from sales in October 2010. For the calendar year-to-date sales, Corvettes sales are still pacing at 3.8% more than 2010 with 11,216 Corvettes sold January-October.