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Jordan Taylor Shares the Legend of Burt Middleston

Gather around good Corvette boys and girls because our favorite storyteller Jordan Taylor of WTR Racing/Corvette Racing is back with another tall tale.

If you follow Jordan on social media, you’ll remember his previous yarn focused on his idea of the perfect date which included a picnic in his 1965 Corvette. Now, Jordan gets personal by sharing with you…The legend of Burt Middleston.

[VIDEO] Girl Slides a Power Wheels Corvette Right Into Our Hearts

I might be little late to this show, but apparently there is a young lady on the power wheels scene with some mad driving skills. A quick search of YouTube for little Lila Kalys Sky shows several videos of the young drifting sensation driving the wheels off her Corvette.

This quick video where she is wearing her sunglasses and striking a pose is our favorite.

Jordan Taylor’s Idea of a Perfect First Date

Put Corvette racer Jordan Taylor behind the wheel of a race car and he is the consummate professional with a fierce drive to win. But race car drivers have a lot of downtime between races and so Jordan finds ways to entertain himself and those that follow him on social media.

Taylor is a fun guy to follow on twitter and instagram. From his #JTFacial pics of unsuspecting sleeping travelers and the occasional parking ratings he hands out, you’ll almost always be amused at what this guy comes up with next.

Yesterday, Jordan offered his idea of a perfect first date which includes his Nassau Blue 1965 Corvette Coupe. Without spoiling it any further (because I couldn’t do it justice if I tried), I’ll let him tell the story of how he see’s the perfect first date:

[VIDEO] Humorous Cover Song Video Shows How Much a Man Loves His Corvette

The last time we wrote about songs and Corvettes, our words weren’t all that complimentary to the two wannabe performers whose music videos we featured.

In that same post, we also mentioned some of the Corvette songs that were tops in our book like George Jones’ “The One I Love Before” whose lyrics features a double meaning depending on who you think he was singing about. Was the “The one I loved before” about the Vette or the girl?