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Corvettes on eBay: 1954 Pizza Man Corvette Racer

The last time we saw the 1954 Pizza Man Corvette racer it was crossing Mecum’s red carpet in St. Charles, Illinois in October of...
[VIDEO] Morning Burnout: Lew Stitely's 1953 Corvette "The Tijuana Taxi"

[VIDEO] Morning Burnout: Lew Stitely’s 1953 Corvette “The Tijuana Taxi”

Let's kick off 2012 right with a morning burnout courtesy of Lew Stitely's 1953 Corvette gasser dubbed the Tijuana Taxi. This classic...
[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Dragster from Down Under

[VIDEO] C4 Corvette Dragster from Down Under

Want to see what a 7 second quarter mile pull feels like? This C4 Corvette dragster hails from the Northern Territory...