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1964 Corvette Recovered and a California Man is Arrested in Craigslist Scam
Photo Credit: California Highway Patrol

Police arrested a California man for selling a stolen 1964 Corvette to an unsuspecting buyer in Santa Cruz, California this week. The craigslist scam unraveled as police were called to the Capitola DMV after officials there said the buyer was attempting to register a 1964 Corvette Sting Ray that had previously been reported stolen.

California Highway Patrol officers investigating the stolen car said the buyer bought the car on Craigslist for $25,000. The seller was later identified at Jesse Chmelicek of Watsonville, CA who was arrested this past Sunday.

Corvettes on Craigslist: 1958 Drag Corvette

Back in 2012, a video from Hemmings TV introduced us to Tony Meehan and his souped-up 1958 Corvette that was originally owned by his late father. It was a nice story about being able to restore and then drive a car that his father used to own.

Fast forward to December 2015 and browsing our local Tampa Bay craigslist for Corvettes, we found Tony’s distinctive white 1958 Corvette drag car for sale.

Selling a Corvette on Craigslist Using Girls and Guns

Selling a C4 Corvette can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be if you subscribe to our proven method of selling unwanted Corvettes on Craigslist. This somewhat controversial sales technique is guaranteed to get people talking about your Corvette (maybe even a blog post) and it might even make the telephone ring.

How does our selling technique work? I’m glad you asked!

1981 Corvette Barn Find is Worth only $900 as a Parts Car

We call this a Corvette barn find, but the truth of the matter is that this 1981 Corvette wasn’t parked in a barn. Instead, it’s been stashed behind a lady’s garage since 1996. This craigslist ad shows the damage that can be done to a Corvette from letting it sit outside for years and years. In the end, this one is worth only $900 as a parts car.