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Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Fined $100 Fine Over Noise Violation
Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

The drama between the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park and its Clark Circle neighbors reached a new peak Thursday when the park was issued a $100 fine by Warren County’s code enforcement officer for creating too much noise.

The motorsports park has been the target of nearby residents who have been complaining for months about what they term excessive noise levels created by cars racing around the track there.

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[PICS] The National Corvette Museum Skydome Reopens to the Public

Ever since the sinkhole swallowed eight Corvettes in February 2014, we’ve been following the progress of the National Corvette Museum’s efforts to retrieve the lost cars and then restore the Skydome back to normal. While the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Skydome is planned for the 21st Anniversary Celebration next month, the Museum has recently opened up the area to the public.

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Resident's Group Call on Attorney General over Noise Dispute with the Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park
Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

Resident’s near the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park are not happy with the park’s decision to ignore a noise violation that would have stopped track events and construction of track facilities.

Now they want Kentucky’s Attorney General Jack Conway to take step into the fray.

National Corvette Museum Receives Two Corvettes as Donation Gift

The kindness and generosity of Corvette owners is no secret.

Just look at what William (Bill) Engle Jr. – also known as “Sweat Hog” of Albany, N.Y., Ridgewood, N.J., and now Summit, N.Y. – has just done for the National Corvette Museum.

Joining the growing list of enthusiasts who have bequeathed their prized possessions to the Museum, Engle decided to donate his 1967 and 1987 Corvettes to the NCM.

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The notice of violation requiring the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park to cease all construction and events came as a surprise to NCM Executive Director Wendell Strode, who thought all the parties involved had reached an amiable understanding during a public meeting Monday.

Some neighbors of the park have expressed their concern over what they term excessive noise levels being created by the cars there, including at a planning commission meeting two weeks ago.

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Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Hold Track Events Despite Shut Down Order
Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park will live up to the agreements it has signed to host special events over the next few weeks, despite receiving a notice of violation from the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County after a public meeting on Monday.

“We intend to move forward with the agreement reached at the meeting,” the NCM said in a prepared statement released Tuesday. “Therefore the NCM Motorsports Park will fulfill all contracts with our renters as well as continue construction on our planned facilities at the NCM Motorsports Park. We plan to move forward with business as usual, we will not cancel any scheduled events and will continue to book events for future years.”

Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Receives Shut Down Order Over Noise Concerns
Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

We told you a few days ago that neighbors of the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park are upset with the noise levels being created by the cars there.

Now the City-County Planning Commission in Bowling Green has ordered the Motorsports Park to cease all building construction and event-related activities within 24 hours.