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[VIDEO] Corvette Fame 2015 - Europe's Corvette Party

[VIDEO] Corvette Fame 2015 – Europe’s Corvette Party

Via CorvetteVideos.TV Almost 400 Corvettes joined the annual Corvette FAME event in Valkenburg, Netherlands. This is the official aftermovie of Corvette Fame 2015, recorded and...

[VIDEO] Netherlands Hosts 10th Annual Corvette Fame Show

Our Corvette brothers and sisters in the Netherlands recently hosted the 10th annual Corvette Fame car show which brought out an estimated 350 Corvettes...
1959 Corvette Stolen from the Netherland's Corvette Fame Meeting

1959 Corvette Stolen from the Netherland’s Corvette Fame Meeting

Sometime during the night of July 8th, 2011, this 1959 Red Corvette was stolen from the garage of the Atlanta hotel in...