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Corvette Central Kicks Off 1963 Split-Mod Restoration Project

Corvette Central and Chris Petris, the duo behind the C4 Cutaway Corvette, have teamed up again to bring together a real cool project called the “Split Mod”. Essentially, it’s the restoration of a severely rusted 1963 Corvette Coupe. Instead of the traditional matching-numbers restoration, which would be somewhat difficult considering the car has no motor or transmission, the rebuild will result in the creation of a fun, drivable Midyear Corvette. The project is also going to be the subject of a book and so you can count on some great tips and advice offered along the way.

See Corvette Central's Cutaway C4 Corvette at Bloomington Gold

We got a message from our friends at Corvette Central that Chris Petris and the Cutaway C4 Corvette will be attending Bloomington Gold this week. Today, you’ll find Chris and the Cutaway Corvette doing seminar duty as part of Bloomington’s Gold Cubic Knowledge series. Petris will be answering your questions in the seminar entitled “C4-C5-C6 Maintenance Tips”.