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This 2014 Corvette Stingray was the World's First with 1,000 RWHP

Super Chevy has a blow-by-blow story behind the amazing 2014 Corvette Stingray pushed to the limit to become the first 1,000-horsepower C7 by Vengeance Racing early in 2014.

The saga begins with the purchase of one of the first Stingrays sold to the public back in November 2013. This Stingray should have known what was in store for it from the first day when Ron Mowen of Vengeance said the heck with the recommended break-in period and did a wild burnout in the parking lot of the dealership.

August 2015 Corvette Sales

It’s the first of the month and today General Motors reported the sales report from August 2015. For the month, GM sold 2,725 Corvettes for a 1.7% gain over sales of 2,679 Corvettes during the same month in 2014. For the Calendar Year to Day (CYTD), a total of 23,826 Corvettes have been delivered between January and the end of August. This is 1.5% ahead of where we were last year with 23,483 Corvettes delivered.

[PICS] XO Verona Offers Affordable Concave Wheels For the C7 Corvette Stingray

It’s been a little while since we’ve browsed custom wheels for the Corvette so when I saw this C7 Corvette Stingray in Arctic White set up with custom Wheels by XO, I wanted to take a closer look.

And I’m glad I did. Not only do the XO Verona Wheels look great in Matte Brushed Silver against the Arctic White Corvette Stingray, I found the price to be surprisingly affordable.

[VIDEO] Kelley Blue Book's Reviews the Hot Corvette Z06

Kelley Blue Book is out with their review of the 2015 Corvette Z06 and the results are mixed. Actually, most of the review is very good news for Chevrolet as the car gets put through its paces and seems to deliver in every way. But at the end, we hear the overheating problem has reared its ugly head on what looks to be a mild 80 degree day in California.

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Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Week of August 23rd

Each week, Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvette Stingrays and Z06s to his customers who come from all parts of the country to work with the nation’s top Corvette seller.

Mike will be out at Corvettes at Carlisle next week so look him up at the Spring Mountain Motorsports tent. This week, Mike shares a Corvette Stingray delivery as well as his usual round-up of celebs with Vettes, vintage Corvette ads and barn finds.

[VIDEO] Wall Street Journal Reporter Tests Apple CarPlay in 2016 Corvette Stingray

Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal recently got one of those dream assignments for a reporter: driving a 2016 Corvette Stingray convertible for a week ostensibly to see how good the new Apple CarPlay system works.

The Stingray, you may recall, is one of the first cars to get Apple’s new in-dash software, and while it and Siri still have some growing up to do, Stern overall seemed pleased.