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Mid America Motorworks' Corvette Funfest 2016 to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of C5

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since the C5 Corvette was introduced?

This writer and his family were among the large crowd of enthusiasts who traveled to Bowling Green for the unveiling of the 1997 Corvette (No. 7853 still resides in my garage) on Jan. 6, 1997 at the National Corvette Museum.

Also on hand that day was Mid America Motorworks Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager, along with Corvette engineers and Chevrolet executives and lots of nosy enthusiasts eager to see the latest edition of America’s Sports Car.

[GALLERY] Blue Monday (37 Corvette Photos)

So you’ve probably heard that Monday, January 18th is officially known as “Blue Monday”, the saddest day of the year according to a scientist somewhere who arrived at the date based on a formula. We couldn’t disagree more with the whole idea, and to present our side of the equation, here is a special photo gallery featuring 37 Blue Corvettes from C1 to C7 Z06.

As a special treat, we’ve also included a video of a C1 blue Corvette helping to market a certain blue pill. See, lots of good stuff to get you excited on Blue Monday!

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[VIDEO] Watch Six Generations of Corvettes Undergo Wind Tunnel Testing

Here’s an old video that just resurfaced on Carbuzz.com showing us how each of the first six generations of Corvettes behaves in the wind tunnel.

While the C2 and C3 Corvettes look slippery and did perform better than the C1 in the wind tunnel, aerodynamics weren’t really a buzzword when they originally were designed.

What a difference a year makes!

Back in April of 2014, a red 1999 Corvette was leading Citrus County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office deputies on a high-speed chase of more than 100 mph.

Fast forward to October 2015, and that same Corvette – now painted white with numerous green decals, including a large 911 on the driver’s door – is being used by the sheriff’s office to warn students of the dangers of drugs.

[GALLERY] Black Friday! (33 Corvette photos)

We’ve been running our Black Friday Corvette galleries at the end of each month all year long, but for some reason it always seems more official when it actually occurs on the day after Thanksgiving.

Our Black Friday special is full of 33 Corvettes from all generations with the only requirement that they are wearing the color black. We promise that viewing this gallery won’t cost you a dime and since there are no lines, we think is one of the best Black Friday deals going today.

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[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Z06 Catches on Fire while Running Puerto Rico Half Mile Event

With flames shooting out in all directions, the driver of this C5 Corvette Z06 keeps on moving for a few seconds before finally coming to a stop during the 2015 Puerto Rico Half Mile Event a few days ago.

He climbs out, runs around for a few seconds, and then basically has to see his Corvette disappear rather quickly as the body and interior are consumed by the blaze.