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Rick Hendrick Buys the VIN 001 Collection of 1955-1957 Corvettes at Barrett Jackson

You might say Rick Hendrick loves being No. 1.

At least when it comes to owning collector cars.

Hendrick, of course, is well known for buying the first production models of new generations of Corvettes and Camaros, but last week he took a turn toward the No. 1s of the past, buying a trio of VIN 001 Collection of Corvettes from 1955, 1956, and 1957 for a cool $1.65 million during the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz.

[POLL] What's the Best Corvette Orange?

Back in October we inquired, what’s the best blue to ever adorn a Corvette? 36% of you told us that the C7’s Laguna Blue is the top choice in a runaway vote. That poll met with an overwhelming response so we thought we’d ask again. With Daytona Sunrise Orange leaving the Corvette lineup for 2016 we thought we’d ask, what’s the best Corvette orange color?

[GALLERY] Blue Monday (37 Corvette Photos)

So you’ve probably heard that Monday, January 18th is officially known as “Blue Monday”, the saddest day of the year according to a scientist somewhere who arrived at the date based on a formula. We couldn’t disagree more with the whole idea, and to present our side of the equation, here is a special photo gallery featuring 37 Blue Corvettes from C1 to C7 Z06.

As a special treat, we’ve also included a video of a C1 blue Corvette helping to market a certain blue pill. See, lots of good stuff to get you excited on Blue Monday!

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[VIDEO] C3 Corvette Makes 1,100 Hp with a Toyota 2JZ Engine

“That’s the weirdest sounding Corvette I’ve ever heard,” one man is heard saying at the beginning of this recently posted YouTube video.

For good reason.

They call this last-of-the-rear-chrome-bumper Corvette the “Hater Maker” because some folks don’t approve of putting a Japanese powerplant under the hood of a good ol’ American Corvette.